Top 5 Treats To Add To Your Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Children love snacks but can often get choosy when it comes to healthy snacks. Children generally enjoy greasy snacks like salted chips and chocolates, after which they seldom eat healthy nutritious foods. Unhealthy eating habits need to be broken, and kids might need help in doing so. Healthy kiddy snacks have to be readily accessible to discourage consumption of foods with no nutritional value. Getting healthy snacks on the menu is essential for developing healthy lunch ideas for school.

Some kids often take healthy eating habits from parents and pay attention to their growth and health. Most kids, however, do not care about the nutritional value of foods especially in the case of snacks. For quick and easy treats here are some nutritious ideas that you can add to your kids healthy lunch:

Fresh Fruit

Kids love fruits when properly peeled and sliced for them. You can always have a variety of fresh cut fruit for your little ones, some which they have never tried. Even the pickiest child will love a variety of fruit when presented to them clean and sliced. When going grocery shopping, take the kids along and let them choose their favorite fruits. Children love chocolate treats, chocolate dipped fruits can be a great compromise. Included some fresh fruit in your child’s lunch box is a must.

Milk Shakes

Milkshakes and smoothies are the top drinks that are both healthy and well known amongst kids. Smoothies can be ready within seconds by blending together yogurt, low fat milk and fresh fruit of choice. It’s always good to get children involved when making milk shakes and smoothies, they love the prospect of preparing their own snacks. Get a container which will guarantee no spills and let your kids take their smoothies to school.


A great idea is to have your kids plant a garden full of veggies. In fact children are more likely to eat vegetables if they grow themselves. You also get to spend quality time with your kids and teach them not only gardening but also the nutritional importance of different vegetables. When picked from the veggie garden, prepare a selection of veggies with hummus or peanut butter as a snack.

Replace Chips

Granola bars, pretzels and whole wheat crackers are a lot healthier than other snacks that children eat. Cereals can be coupled with nuts, raisins or other dried fruits to create a new snack for the kids rather letting them eat chips with harmful content. These are also easy to fit into a lunch box.

When in doubt… Juice It!

When children really dig their heels in and won’t eat fruits and vegetables as snacks, you can use juices to ensure they get the required healthy nutrition necessary for growth. Blend fresh fruit and tasteless veggies like broccoli or spinach and come up with a homemade juice, which will definitely get their attention. You can also add a little fruit yogurt and ice to make slush out of it.

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